Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ohhh… pictures moving!

YouTube is the source of so much inspiration for jewelry aficionados like myself. There are both videos on how to create the pieces and of cause of the end result. Most of us can’t afford elaborate commercials like this amazing Indian one (LOTS of gold here!)

And hence we do slide shows, which are a lot more accessible. I like this one from Catherienette Rings (a fellow Etsyan)who creates steampunk jewelry. The soundtrack is awesome for this kind of jewelry!

Another Etsyan –Spinning Castle – used some kind of very nice template for her video - very nifty:

Now I wanted to do one too and a here is the result. It’s featuring jewelry created from silver or gold wire, in other words the airy selection of my fairytale designs – now with music :-) Geaorge Winston is playing his Japanese Music Box.

I tried to incorporate the look and feel from the video with the green grungy backgrounds. Hence the new look of this blog, my homepage and the YouTube channel featuring this slide show. I’m looking forward to creating more, cuz it sure was fun!