Friday, September 23, 2011

The dragonling has landed

Lately I have been working quite abit with wax. Leaves, flowers and - especially - a little dragon that I have been dreaming about for over a year! However, wax is still a bit new to me, and hence I have been fumbling a bit around. But now it happened - the dragonling suddenly emerged just as I had pictured him!

After being cast, it looked like this:

Polished version:

And then I mounted it on a ring, encircling a lovely amethyst:

I have had a mold made of the dragonling and hence can produce quite a few of them. In other words, we're looking at the very beginning of the "Dragonling collection"! Right now I'm wearing this beata version, trying to figure out how to improve it. At least bend down the tail and maybe the claws a bit. Then perhaps a somewhat wider, but uneven ring shank?

I actually made a video of my qualms!

So, dear reader... what do you think? What would be the ultimate dragonling - ring (that's funny to say out loud! :-)  )